Birthday Party FAQs

Party Planning and Pricing

Birthday parties must be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance.

The party room fits 30 guests. There is a connecting room that can be booked for an extra fee; please see the birthday party booking tool for the latest prices.

Please see the birthday party booking tool for the latest prices for additional guests.

Please see the birthday party booking tool for the latest prices for additional party room time.

Most add-ons can be added up to one week before your party. Additional time/rooms are subject to availability.




No refunds are offered. In the event of a cancellation, a credit towards a future party will be issued that must be used within one year.

Annual Passholders receive 20% off the standard package price (add-ons excluded). If you had purchased a Blast Off Bronze, Sonic Silver or Gold Fusion annual pass prior to our new annual pass program, the discounts are as follows:

  • Blast Off Bronze: 20% off the standard package price
  • Sonic Silver: 25% off the standard package price
  • Gold Fusion: 30% off the standard package price

Food and Beverage

Outside storebought birthday cakes and cupcakes are permitted. All other food and beverages must be from within Mall of America. Please find the MOA dining guide linked here.


A 16” pizza is the size of most pizza restaurants’ large size. They have standard crust and are cut into 8 slices per pizza. The number of people each pizza will feed will vary from group to group.

Party Details

A secure location is subject to availability and not guaranteed. Crayola Experience is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Goodie bag items vary but usually will include one crayon item, one marker item and one silly putty item.

Each guest receives a bag upon arrival. These bags include two tokens. One token is used for Wrap It Up, where you name and label your own crayon. The other is used for Modeling Madness, where you do a craft using Crayola Model Magic Clay. A voucher for one Scribble Scrubbie pet is included as well. All arts and crafts made in Crayola Experience can be taken home.

Neon Carrot, Vivid Violet and Cerulean Blue.

The birthday child receives a voucher for a free Pick Your Pack Tin. After the party, the birthday child can come to the retail store and choose any one of our Pick Your Pack tins and fill it with crayons and/or markers from our Pick Your Pack wall. The guests then take the tin and the voucher to the cash register to redeem it.

Check-in with a Crayola Experience Team Member and your party host will assist/escort you to the designated area.

No. The experience is self-guided, but there will be Crayola Experience Team Members available in the attraction to help if you need assistance.

You may choose to visit the attractions before and/or after your party room reservation. Please see the hours and directions webpage for the latest information.

Ready to Book your Birthday Party?

You invite the guests, and we’ll do the rest! We want to make the day unforgettable for your child and easy and stress free for the parent! 

Packages start at $339 and include admission for up to 19 guests plus one free ticket for the birthday child.